Ideal Peshtemal Based on Color Personality

Finding an ideal peshtemal that matches your personality will create a statement about how you handle yourself and the situation you face.

Did you know that your favorite color reveals your character? That’s a statement from Faber Birren, a reputable author who has written 24 books about colors. She said, “It is possible to make fairly accurate judgments about the meaning of color preferences and their revelations of personality traits.”

The first color personality test was initiated by Max Luscher in the 1940s. He said that people’s emotions can be altered by some colors. Thus, when one picks a color, there is a possibility that it stands for the actual emotional state. In 1978, Don Lowry has suggested the four fundamental color personalities classified in orange, green, gold and blue.

Today, psychologists have accepted the idea. According to studies, the color is a determining factor as to how the brain perceives what it visualizes. It has a great impact on how the brain manipulates our decision towards various facets that we encounter each day. Because of that, many businesses use the Psychology of Color to capture the attention of their potential clients.

The Benefits of Finding an Ideal Peshtemal

Peshtemal towels are used for various purposes. Some bring it to their getaways because it can be folded trimly, therefore, it won’t consume much space. Additionally, these are very absorbent yet dry quickly. The designs are carefully done. It can accentuate any swimsuit to add oomph to your look. It can be used as a cover-up, a beach towel or a mat where you can lay down while getting a good tan.

Peshtemal towels can also accentuate your home decoration. Some hang it on the wall to add a layer to plain walls. It can also be used as a table or sofa runner.

The peshtemal has various uses but the quality remains the same, unlike your typical bath towels. You will surely get your money’s worth!

Choosing the Ideal Peshtemal according to your Favorite Color

Now, before you continue reading, we want you to think about your favorite color. Don’t overthink; answer the question spontaneously.

Have you decided? Let us incorporate these colors so you can choose your ideal peshtemal from Black Looms.


ideal peshtemal red

Siena Peshtemal Towel Set - Red

Red is known to be the color of fire and blood, thus, people associate it with danger, war, strength, passion, and power. It is also the color of love – making it an emotionally intense color. It has become the symbolism of romance and passion, as it evokes erotic feelings – sexuality at its finest. 


ideal peshtemal yellow

Mariposa Peshtemal Towel - Yellow

The color of the sun – associated with a new day that gives us new experiences to seize our life, and chances to fix our issues from yesterday. Yellow means joy, happiness, and energy. However, dull yellow represents caution, sickness, and jealousy.


ideal peshtemal blue

Chevron Peshtemal Towel - Ocean

The color of the sky and the sea, therefore, it is often associated with stability and security. People who love blue are known to be intelligent, confident and loyal. They are also positive that they can efficiently attain their goals in life.


ideal peshtemal green

Majestuoso Peshtemal Towel - Green

Money and nature, these are the things that color green is known for. It also symbolizes fertility, safety, and protection. Those who love green are known to have the drive towards acquiring stability in their career and wellness.


ideal peshtemal orange

Nevada Peshtemal Towel - Orange

Orange, a combination of yellow’s happiness and red’s energy, thus, molding a person to become enthusiastic, happy, creative and determined. It stimulates one to aggressively dominate the path they have chosen to walk.


ideal peshtemal towel

Metropolis Peshtemal Towel - Moscow

Purple is the color of royalty. It symbolizes nobility and power, conveying extravagance, luxury, and nobility. It has been used to portray powerful leaders and kings, and known to be the favorite of philosophers around the world.


ideal peshtemal towel

Zigzag Peshtemal Towel - Black

Oh, yes! We're sure there's a huge majority of readers who will choose black. The color is associated with formality, power, elegance, and mystery. Which is why it is known to be the favorite color of the executives and alpha males. People who loves black are known to be strong and contained. However, like all the aforementioned colors, it also has a negative connotation - it is known to be the color of death and fear. They say that it could possibly denote depression and pessimism.


ideal peshtemal towel

Stone Washed Peshtemal Towel - Natural

Clarity, purity, positivity - white is the color of perfection. It is a reminder that people can always start anew, in spite of the hindrances that block their way. It also implies a sense of peace, comfort and hope. Many people appreciate the color because they feel that it helps them strengthen their beliefs that their experiences open them towards a new beginning. 

Whatever color you love, we hope you are gravitated towards the positive aspects of the colors. Keep these attitude as your motivation towards being the best version of yourself. 

We hope we were able to help you find the ideal peshtemal based on your favorite colors. Rest assured that these Turkish towels are made from 100% high-quality materials as we value your satisfaction above anything else.


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