Turkish Kilims

Turkish Kilims,

I would like to talk a little bit about how we find and supply our Area Rugs & Kilims.

In Denizli city, we have a business partner who has a small show in the heart of the city center. He has people on ground they travel around the small towns and villages. They are looking for these Kilims simply knocking on each door and trying to find the Kilims in good condition.  As soon as they find a kilim, they also would like to hear about the story of the Kilim. They always talk to the house owner find out where they are from what they do. This is really important to get to know our rug better. That is why we say we bring a piece of history to your home. I think we really do.

Those collected Kilims are brought to our business partner store and they are,

 Fixed- if needed- small holes, spots are repaired.

  • Combed if needed to have pileless look.
  • Washed without using chemicals.

 And then we start taking the photos, we prefer natural day light we believe we could show you the actual colors better under natural light and then we upload those photos to our web-site www.blacklooms.com.

 We guarantee that you will have something unique and one of a kind rug. If you are not satisfied with our quality, for any reason you can return your rug to us and we will give you a full refund including the shipping cost. Please click here to find our more about our 15 day money-back gurantee.

 Always feel free to reach to us if you would like to know more about the rugs you are interested in.  Our contact number is +1(678)-500-9226 and our e-mail is sales@blacklooms.com

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