What is Peshtemal?

Peshtemals are traditional Turkish towels. It is a piece of Turkish and Ottoman culture. They come in many desings and colors. They have been used in Turkish hamams (Turkish baths) for centuries in Ottoman empire. They are still being used in hammams today in Turkey.

a women who puts on peshtemal towel, bathing at turkish hammam.

Photo Source : http://www.sultanahmethamam.com/single-post/2015/10/31/HAMAM-TURKISH-BATH

So today I would like to talk a little bit about how they are being manufactured.

Where it is being manufactured?

Most of the peshtemals especially the hand-made ones are being produced in Denizli/Turkey. It is a mid-size city located in southwest of Turkey. This city has a long history with textile industry. Right now there are some giant companies in Denizli equipped with the latest technology but you can still find some small manufacturers where people still continue to produce with the old methods at the basement of their houses. These small producers are not in the city centers, they are mostly in little towns called, Buldan, Babadag, Serinhisar…

So this is actually one of the reasons why we have started our business, to introduce these small producers and their products to the world. Our main goal is to find these small producers where they hand loom their peshtemals and other products drink tea together (this is part of the Turkish culture) and help them sell their products to the world.

Ok let us talk a little bit about production process of peshtemals,

All of the peshtemals are handmade?


They are actually being manufactured either in fully automated looms or hand-looms. So fully automated ones are definitely not hand-made.  They could be hand-packaged but not hand-made for sure.

In fully automated looms, many designs are available, even a logo can be woven on peshtemals but again they are far from being traditional. Some manufacturers using this high technology looms and producing old traditional models but again, the sizes are almost perfect and they don’t really look hand-made. They are definitely costly effective since mass production can be done.

On the other hand, hand looms complex designs are not available and production amount per day is very limited. However it has the beauty of a handmade product. It is a piece of art. The sizes and patterns on the peshtemals are not perfect but this is actually what makes hand-loomed peshtemals beautiful. In our next blogs we will try to add some videos of how hand-loomed peshtemals are being manufactured.

You can find some of our hand-loomed pestemals from this link.


That is it for now. Stay tuned. I will continue writing more about peshtemals and more.

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