3D Panels

3D Panels

3D sidingadd a different dimension to wall decoration and dazzle with their unique appearance.Siding 3D panelsproducts, known as handmade concrete wall coverings and polymer-based wall panels, are products that will inspire you to create the design you want.

3D Wall Panel

3D wall panelsare very durable coating materials produced from thermoplastic, which is frequently used in today's technology.

3D Panel Siding Features

  • Available in white, silver, gold, anthracite, and black colors.
  • You can choose it indoors and outdoors with peace of mind.
  • You don't need to set up any skeleton on the wall for the installation of the products. Screw and drill will be sufficient for installation.
  • You can install it on various surfaces such as drywall, concrete board, and wood.
  • You can create stylish lighting with models that are illuminated with LEDs from behind.
  • Such products have LED channels on them, thanks to LED lights can be easily installed.
  • Different alternative colors can be provided for orders of 50 m² or more.
  • You can create dynamic designs with models produced in curvilinear form.

3D Concrete Wall Panel

3D concrete wall panelsare decorative products based on polymer concrete.

3D Concrete Wall Panel Features

  • 3D concrete wall panelsare specially designed handmade products.
  • It helps you create modern designs with a concrete look.
  • 3D wall panel concretehas quality color pigments.
  • Because of they are handmade products, they may differ in color by 1 or half a ton.
  • You can make the purest touch to your walls with the most beautiful state of concrete.
  • They are long lasting.
  • Concrete 3D wall panelshave unusual models such as daisy, leaf, bamboo, and corner.

3D Panel Usage Areas

These models, which add an unusual atmosphere to the wall design, can be used in many indoor and outdoor spaces such as offices, homes, restaurants, hotels, cafes, hospitals.

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