Ceramic Mosaics

Ceramic Mosaics

Advantages of Ceramics

  • Ceramics are long-lasting and durable products. Ceramic isn’t affected by temperature differences, so they are also used outdoors. They are resistant to heat.
  • Ceramic tiles have high resistance to chemicals and surface cleaners.
  • Thanks to their high resistance to water and humidity, they are the most preferred coating products in wet areas.
  • These products are easy to clean and do not require extra maintenance.
  • They are hard and durable products as they are produced in very high-temperature ovens.
  • Ceramic has many options such as patterned, unpatterned, matte, glossy, rectified, unrectified, which will be compatible with every decoration style.
  • They are products that do not harm nature and human health.

Ceramic Mosaics

Wall design affects the decoration a lot, so you should definitely decide on your decoration style first and then look at the wall ceramic models suitable for that style.Ceramic mosaic tilesallow you to create original and eye-catching designs.Ceramic mosaicis one of the most preferred products by architects due to its aesthetic appearance and durability.

Ceramic Mosaics Features

  • Ceramics mosaic wall tilesas brightness; It has different surfaces as glossy, semi-gloss, and matte. You can find products suitable for every decoration style.
  • Ceramic mosaic tilesallow you to create original and eye-catching designs.
  • It is sold with mesh-mounted and this provides ease of installation.
  • The ceramic adhesive should be used during the installation so that the service life will be extended.
  • Easy to clean with a damp wipe.
  • You should place your order with approximately 10% overage. Because during the installation, the ceramic dimensions will not fit exactly, especially for the corners, and piece products will be used.
  • You can create original designs with our ceramic mosaics in special colors such as black, white, brown, grey, beige, blue, light mink, and so on.
  • Ceramic mosaic usage areas; houses, terraces, bathrooms, kitchens, entrances, balconies, restaurants, schools, cafes, shops, hospitals, workplaces, warehouses, and similar areas.

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