The chandelier is one of the key products for home decoration. In-home decorations, the necessary importance is not given to lighting, but the right chandelier choices can make the atmosphere of your home much more enjoyable. The chandeliers on our site are specially designed products with different color and material options. The purpose of each is to reflect the light to the space in a more beautiful way. For this reason, the chandelier design you choose should be in harmony with the decoration of your home.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Chandelier

  • You should definitely choose the size of the chandelier proportional to the size of the room you will use. While choosing larger chandelier models for large areas, it is better to choose smaller models in small areas so that they do not narrow the space.
  • Ceiling height is an important factor. In this regard, an average height of 210 cm from the ground may be ideal. Chandeliers under this size will be uncomfortable.
  • It must be mounted securely and must not have any missing parts for installation.
  • You can create a holistic design by choosing your chandelier model in harmony with your decoration style. In this sense, we recommend that you master the material knowledge commonly used in your decoration style. There are chandelier models available on our site to suit many styles.
  • Colors are a big part of the decoration. We recommend that you consider your other accessories when choosing a color for your chandelier.

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