Curly Mats

Curly Mats

Curly mats are made of hard PVC-containing material and are very durable products, especially outdoors. While providing a hygienic and decorative appearance with its texture, you can find curly mat models that allow you to create dynamic images with red, gray, green, and blue colors on our website.

Curly Mats Features

  1. It provides a comfortable walk with its curly structure.
  2. It does not keep dirt on it.
  3. It has a non-slip structure, so it can be used easily on wet surfaces.
  4. It is quite easy to clean. It can be easily cleaned by washing with water or shaking it off.
  5. It can be easily washed with pressurized water.
  6. Due to the absence of absorbent material, the top is always dry.
  7. It isn’t affected by rain and other weather conditions.
  8. Resistant to abrasion
  9. It has an aesthetic appearance.
  10. Maintenance-free.
  11. It is economical and low cost.
  12. It doesn’t change color and doesn’t fade, it is resistant to sunlight.
  13. It keeps insects away.

Curly Mats Usage Areas

Curly mats; It can be used safely in many areas such as jogging paths, parks, shopping centers, sports fields, hotel restaurant landscapes, terraces and balconies, nursery and kindergarten landscapes, garden landscapes.

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