You can create stylish designs both indoors and outdoors with deck flooring. Decking floor creates a dazzling and warm appearance, especially on floors, with its smooth surface and magnificent edge cut. Since these products are highly resistant to water and humidity, they are used quite frequently, especially as a floating deck product or as a pool deck tile product. They are produced from two different materials like composite and wood.

Wood Decking Features

  • Deck tile is not affected by water. They prevent slipping by absorbing water.
  • They are 100% natural products, long-lasting.
  • Because they have a tight structure, bending doesn't occur where it is installed.
  • It has high resistance to weather conditions
  • Wood decking keeps insects away.
  • It doesn't have splinters, it can be walked with bare feet with peace of mind.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It can be easily disassembled so you can reassemble it wherever you want.
  • It is quite easy to care.
  • In addition to the flooring, it also supports the decoration with its aesthetic appearance.
  • It doesn't need paint, but you can paint it if you want.

Composite Decking Features

  • They are produced with high technology. They are installed with a locking system. In this way, no warping occurs.
  • Composite wood decking doesn't stain and is very easy to care about. You can clean the dirt with soapy water.
  • There are no rusty screw tips and no splinters on the surface.
  • It is frequently preferred in poolsides and terraces because it has a surface that prevents slipping.
  • The composite deck doesn't rot and is not affected by water.
  • It provides easy installation with the lock system.
  • They are products that are resistant to hard weather conditions.
  • It prevents the formation of algae around swimming pools and its performance is quite high in these areas because it doesn't rot.
  • Fungus and mold don’t occur.
  • Optionally, paint and varnish can be made.
  • It is healthy and antibacterial.
  • They can suitable for your every design with different color options such as dark brown, light brown, gray, tan, and beige.

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