Door Handles

Door Handles

You can have aesthetic doors with stylish door handle models for your doors, which play a major role in home decoration. Door handles, which are used many times a day, should have a stylish and hygienic appearance, so you have details that reflect you and are compatible with your decoration style. Door handles are sold as a set, there are two products and two rosettes for the front and back to being attached to a door in the box.

Door Handles Features

  • It is easy to installation.
  • They are long-lasting and robust products.
  • They adapt to every design type with their glossy and matte features.
  • It has different model options for different usage areas such as room set, WC-bathroom set.
  • It has different and stylish color options such as black, white, gold, chrome, and smoked.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Door Handle

  • Selection should be made according to the place to be used, for example; Different door handles should be chosen for different projects such as hospitals, schools, and residences.
  • Rosette selection should be made according to the room feature to be applied.
  • You should choose a door handle in accordance with the door model.
  • You can choose more avant-garde models for classical door models, and more minimal door handle sets for plain and modern doors.
  • Since door handles are products that we use many times every day, they must have quality surface materials for long-lasting use
  • When cleaning, abrasive materials should be avoided.

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