Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps, which are indispensable for interior spaces and have become a trend in home decoration recently, make the environment look warmer and more aesthetic. These products, which also create special lighting areas, contribute to making your living spaces look more elegant with their stylish designs.

You can create eye-catching decorations with correctly selected and correctly positioned floor lamps products. You can choose floor lamp models that directly affect the general decoration style of your home, in accordance with your concept, and feel special. You can choose our contemporary, more minimal, and simpler lighting for your home with modern decoration. There are countless floor lamp products that you can easily access on our site, with many color options such as white, black, aged coating, copper, cream, lilac, coffee, blue, yellow coating, nickel plating.

Things to Consider When Choosing and Positioning Floor Lamps

  • When positioning the floor lamp, we recommend placing it next to or behind you to make the most of its light.
  • The most in home decoration; Floor lamps, which are preferred in areas such as living room, bedroom, and living room, are usually positioned close to the seats. E.g; You can design a reading area by placing a floor lamp next to the armchair.
  • If there is a wall that is customized with a different wall covering material or covered with paintings, you can place the floor lamp in front of it to highlight that wall.
  • You can design more aesthetic spaces by choosing a floor lamp in proportion to your room. In this sense, we recommend you to choose thin and small products for small areas.
  • You can create a warmer atmosphere by positioning a floor lamp next to your bed head for your bedroom.
  • When deciding on the material of your floor lamp, you can take references from other materials in the decoration. E.g; A wooden TV unit and a floor lamp with wooden legs can stand as a whole.
  • When choosing the color of the floor lamp, you can refer to the colors on your curtains and carpets.
  • The style of your home can change in an instant with the materials you choose. In this regard, accessories can be a savior for you. Floor lamps are produced according to different styles from different materials. E.g; For a sporty elegance, you can turn to industrial designs and use models with metal legs. Or you can create a very pleasant rustic decoration with wooden material from more natural products.

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