Garden Fence

Garden Fence

Garden fence, which is among the most important products of garden design, will make your garden look more stylish with its functional and stylish designs.

Garden Fence Features

  • It does not require special care and painting.
  • It contributes to a more aesthetic appearance of your garden design.
  • The biggest problem of fences, which are generally used around the garden and around the wall, is corrosion in a short time due to external factors. In this sense, the garden fenceson our site will make your work easier as they are plastic products. When you use the plastic railing and fence products; corrosion, rust, frequent maintenance, and painting problems will be eliminated.
  • Cleaning of plastic products; washing with water or raining naturally is sufficient.
  • The raw material (UV) used in plastic fence products is ultraviolet additive polyethylene. (UV) The ultraviolet additive does not fade the plastic raw material from the sun and prevents it from becoming brittle.
  • You can test whether the outer surface of the plastic fence products is the same color and full as the inner surface by cross-section.
  • Foot parts of plastic fence products are aluminum. It is an absolutely non-corrosive metal. The surface of aluminum products is electrostatic powder painted.

Garden Fence Usage Areas

Garden fences have been widely used in recent years. Garden fence is preferred in villas, houses with gardens, gardens of cafes or restaurants, parks, school gardens, hospital gardens, gardens and children's playgrounds of hotels, and many more.

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