Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone Floor Tiles

What is the Limestone?

Limestoneis a carbonate sedimentary rock, usually composed of skeletal fragments of sea creatures such as corals, foraminifers, and mollusks. Thanks to its functional structure, limestone is used in many different areas. For example; Since it is one of the basic components of concrete, it is used as an additive in road construction, it is preferred as a white pigment or filler in products such as toothpaste or paint thanks to its color, it is a chemical raw material for lime production. .

In decoration, limestone, which offers naturalness in the most elegant way, helps you to have hygienic and stylish spaces with floor and wall covering models.

Limestone Floor Tiles Features

  • Limestone floor tiles are durable products with a long life.
  • Limestone is used both indoors and outdoors and adds a hygienic, dynamic and stylish atmosphere to the area where it is used.
  • It does not require extra maintenance. During cleaning, it will be sufficient to clean it without exposing it to chemical products like any natural stone.
  • It provides a natural appearance to the place where it is installed.
  • Thanks to its natural structure, it is resistant to different weather conditions such as hot, cold, and humid.
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