Manufactured Brick Siding

Manufactured Brick Siding

Manufactured bricks are special production and they are produced individually according to each order. Manufactured brick siding, which is frequently preferred especially in interior designs, will make your walls more attractive with their decorative appearance and similarity to natural bricks.

Manufactured Brick Content

Portland Cement:It is used to obtain high-strength concrete.

Crushed Stone Sand:It is the sand obtained from stone quarries. It provides high strength to the material.

Pumice (Bims) Sand:It is a lightweight aggregate used to make the product lighter. It also gives the brick an insulating property.

Pigment (Paint):Contains inorganic iron oxide dyes that are resistant to external factors and sunlight.

Concrete Admixtures (Chemicals):Water-reducing additives are used to support the strength and longevity of concrete.

Manufactured Brick Siding Features

  • Cultured bricks provide heat and sound insulation thanks to the pumice sand it contains.
  • It has pressure resistance thanks to the materials it contains.
  • It is not flammable and doesn't harm human health.
  • Since it contains natural color pigments, it has an aesthetic and permanent appearance.
  • It is also preferred on difficult-to-install surfaces such as corners and columns.
  • It is easily applied on all smoothed wall surfaces.
  • With different model options, your dream; appeals to many different styles such as modern, vintage, rustic, classic. Thanks to the special production stages, you can capture the natural image you want.

Manufactured Brick Usage Areas

While creating an aesthetic appearance around the fireplace, behind the television unit, or on your walls that you want to customize, will change the atmosphere of your facades outdoors.

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