Manufactured Siding

Manufactured Siding

Manufactured siding is often used in wall design because they are lighter and more economical than natural coatings. These easy-to-installation products allow you to have stylish walls for many years without the need for extra maintenance. You can add warm touches to your indoor and outdoor spaces with culture coatings with unique color pigments. Manufactured siding, which is almost identical to natural products in terms of color and model, will attract you with their aesthetic appearance.

Manufactured Siding Content

Portland Cement:It is used to obtain high-strength concrete.

Crushed Stone Sand:It is the sand obtained from stone quarries. It provides high strength to the material.

Pumice (Bims) Sand:It is a lightweight aggregate used to make the product lighter. It also gives the brick an insulating property.

Pigment (Paint):Contains inorganic iron oxide dyes that are resistant to external factors and sunlight.

Concrete Admixtures (Chemicals):Water-reducing additives are used to support the strength and longevity of concrete.

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