Marble Look Wall Tile

Marble Look Wall Tile

Ceramic, raw material contains natural materials such as clay, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. After these natural materials are mixed at a certain rate, they take the form of dough and pass to the pressing process. As a final step, they are baked in high-temperature ovens pre-heated to 1100 degrees. Since natural materials are used in ceramic & porcelain tiles production, they don't harm human health.

Marble look wall tile prices are much more affordable than natural marble. You can achieve the dazzling marble feeling on your walls in a much more practical way. You can create pleasant eating areas with a marble effect, especially with kitchen ceramic tile models. Marble-looking ceramic tiles are most useful for those who are looking for white ceramic tile and black ceramic tile models. Because these products combine the unique harmony of black and white with the natural veins of marble and allow you to create a hygienic appearance with their glossy models.

Advantages of Marble Look WallCeramicTiles

  • Wall tiles are long-lasting and durable products.
  • Tiles aren’t affected by temperature differences, so they are also used outdoors. They are resistant to heat.
  • Ceramic tiles have high resistance to chemicals and surface cleaners.
  • Thanks to their high resistance to water and humidity, they are the most preferred coating products in wet areas.
  • Ceramic &Porcelain Tiles coatings are easy to clean and do not require extra maintenance.
  • They are hard and durable products as they are produced in very high-temperature ovens.
  • Tile has many options such as patterned, unpatterned, matte, glossy, rectified, unrectified, which will be compatible with every decoration style.
  • They are products that do not harm nature and human health.

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