Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks have an important place in bathroom decoration. There are different types according to the materials and sizes used in their production. It can be produced in two different ways as half feet and full feet. In addition to the most used white color sink; beige, cream, and black pedestal sinks can also be preferred depending on the model. When choosing the faucet to be used with the pedestal sink, attention should be paid to its functionality.

What is the Pedestal Sink Features?

-The pedestal bathroom sink helps to cover messy installations such as water and drain pipes and provides a more organized appearance.

-It is easy to clean. You don't have to worry about cleaning.

-It is used more frequently in bathrooms where there is no need for extra cabinets.

-Small pedestal sink models can be preferred when choosing pedestal sinks for narrow bathrooms.

-Vintage pedestal sink models provide a useful and elegant appearance in areas such as guest bathrooms.

It is widely used in public areas such as schools, workplaces, restaurants, and hospitals.

Natural Stone Pedestal Sinks:

Natural stone sinks help change the atmosphere of bathrooms with their natural colors and plain appearance. For those who love vintage or modern design, there is a natural stone pedestal sink model suitable for every decoration. Natural stone products, which are resistant to heat and weather changes, are also suitable for use as outdoor sinks.

Pedestal Sink Models:

- Natural Stone Black Marble Pedestal Round Sink Polished SKU-NTRVS04: It can be shown as an example of use in corporate projects, cafes, hotels, etc. in public areas. It provides warmth and functional use in public areas where extra storage space is not needed.

- Noce Brown Travertine Pedestal Rectangular Prism Sink HonedSKU- NTRSTC45 : This product, which is produced in an angular shape, goes beyond the classical design. Thanks to its symmetrical design, it can also be used as a pedestal corner sink.

-Natural Stone New York White Marble Pedestal Cone Shaped Sink Polished SKU-NTRVS25 : This product, produced using first quality marble, carries all the nobility of natural stone. With its simple and stylish design, it can completely change the decoration of bathrooms.

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