Pool Flooring

Pool Flooring

Using reliable and robust products in pool design is very important for your pool enjoyment. Reinforced concrete walls and floor structures in swimming pools will be insufficient without covering material. For this reason, it will be long-lasting to cover the walls and floor with products such as ceramics or mosaics. These coatings prevent water from leaking onto the floor. The biggest problem in pools is that the water tightness of the water discharge holes is not strong. To solve this problem, you can use pool ceramics or pool mosaics. Thanks to these coating materials, which help you to adjust the inlet and outlet of the water correctly, the water will reach the ground directly. Especially in the selection of swimming pool floorings, it is recommended to make the right application with quality products.

Advantages of Pool Tiles

  • Tiles are long-lasting and durable products.
  • Tiles aren’t affected by temperature differences and they are resistant to heat. Pool tiles have high resistance to chemicals and surface cleaners.
  • Thanks to their high resistance to water and humidity, they are the most preferred coating products in wet areas.
  • Pool tiles coatings are easy to clean and do not require extra maintenance.
  • They are hard and durable products as they are produced in very high-temperature ovens.
  • They are products that do not harm nature and human health.

Advantages of Pool Mosaics

  • Swimming pool mosaic tiles are long-lasting.
  • Mosaic pool tiles have high resistance to temperature differences.
  • They are resistant to chemical surface cleaners.
  • They are not affected by water and humidity.
  • Glass mosaic pool tiles are easy to clean.
  • Because it is produced by baking at a very high temperature, it does not wear out, it is hard and durable against all kinds of external factors.
  • In accordance with the design; There are many models such as with patterns, without patterns, glossy and matte.
  • Swimming pool mosaic tiles don't harm nature and human health.
  • It provides good insulation against hot and cold.

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