Pool Mosaics

Pool Mosaics

The most preferred products for pool flooring are mosaics.Pool mosaicsare produced from glass mosaic. Because of glass mosaic is produced from 100% glass, it is resistant to the negative effects of nature and humans. For a healthy and safe design, you can use watertight and specially designed mosaics for many years.Pool mosaic tilesis produced according to the design, dimensions and technical specification of the pool.Swimming pool mosaicsare one of the products that architects cannot give up with their patterned and flat glass mosaics.

Advantages of Pool Mosaics

  1. Swimming pool mosaic tilesare long lasting.
  2. They have high resistance to temperature differences.
  3. They are resistant to chemical surface cleaners.
  4. They are not affected by water and humidity.
  5. Glass mosaic pool tilesare easy to clean.
  6. Because of it is produced by baked at a very high temperature, it does not wear out, it is hard and durable against all kinds of external factors.
  7. In accordance with the design; There are many models such as with patterns, without patterns, glossy and matte.
  8. Swimming pool mosaic tilesdoesn't harm nature and human health.
  9. It provides good insulation against hot and cold.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pool Mosaic

  1. When buying mosaics, first of all, products whose technical features are suitable for pool installation should be selected. Because of the products are special production, they should be ordered according to the size of the pool.
  2. You should choose products that are suitable for the purpose of use and concept of the pool.
  3. Pool adhesives should be preferred in the installation of pool mosaics. This will also long the lifetime of the mosaic.
  4. Don't forget to place your order with approximately 10% breakage. Because during the installation, the dimensions of the pool mosaic will not fit exactly, especially for the corners, and piece products will be used.
  5. You can usually use the color blue in pool design. In this way, the clarity and blueness of the water will come to the fore even more. At the same time, these color tones will create a hygienic appearance in your pool.

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