Pool Tiles

Pool Tiles

The most preferred products in pool design are ceramic tiles. With their stylish designs, reasonable prices, and high-quality content, ceramics enable you to create stylish pool designs with a long lifespan. Pool tile raw material contains natural materials such as clay, kaolin, quartz, and feldspar. After these natural materials are mixed at a certain rate, they take the form of dough and pass to the pressing process. As a final step, they are baked in high-temperature ovens pre-heated to 1100 degrees. Since natural materials are used in swimming pool tiles production, they don't harm human health.

Pool Tiles Features

  • Ceramic pool tiles are long-lasting and durable products.
  • Tiles aren’t affected by temperature differences and they are resistant to heat. Pool tiles have high resistance to chemicals and surface cleaners.
  • Thanks to their high resistance to water and humidity, they are the most preferred coating products in wet areas.
  • Pool tiles coatings are easy to clean and do not require extra maintenance.
  • They are hard and durable products as they are produced in very high-temperature ovens.
  • They are products that do not harm nature and human health.

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