PVC Floor Auxiliary Material

PVC Flooring

PVC flooring is one of the most preferred floor products because it is easy to installation, long-lasting and economical. Because PVC flooring tilesare durable products, they are also frequently used in commercial areas. With these products, which have many models, you can make your dream design on the floors at affordable prices.

What is PVC flooring?

PVC (Vinyl) is a not natural (synthetic) type of plastic. It contains chlorine and ethylene (raw oil). The plastic product creates Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), known as vinyl when processed. In this way, a product with low thermal conductivity, water absorption, and oil absorption is obtained. PVC floors also provide sound and electrical insulation. They are preferred in areas with heavy traffic as they are resistant to weather conditions and impact.

PVC Flooring Features

  1. They are sold in PVC floor tiles and PVC floor roll. PVC floor rolls coverings have a width of 2 meters.
  2. Because the products have antibacterial properties that prevent the formation of bacteria and fungi, they can be used in any place with peace of mind.
  3. It is easy to clean, hygienic, and does not require extra care.
  4. It is resistant to oiling and rusting.
  5. Because it has high sound insulation, it can absorb disturbing sounds.
  6. Thanks to its high compressive strength, it is frequently preferred in crowded places with high circulation.
  7. It is waterproof, so it is preferred in areas such as balconies and terraces.
  8. Because it is produced in many different models and colors, it can suitable for any decoration style.
  9. It is long-lasting and economical.
  10. PVC vinyl flooring has heat resistance. They are B-1 non-flammability class products.

PVC Flooring Usage Areas

It can be used in many different areas such as elevators, offices, restaurants, cafeterias, fairs, shops, showrooms, showcases, hotels, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, commercial centers, public buildings, cinema-theatre halls, gymnasiums, massage parlors, and many more.

PVC Floor Auxiliary Material

PVC floorings are installed by the bonding method. You can use the surface primer available on our site on dry, smoothed, and clean surfaces. At the same time, this surface primer is suitable for use on glossy surfaces such as marble, ceramic, granite. Filling primer, which also has different colors, is water-based and helps you to obtain a flat surface. Acrylic-based polish, on the other hand, has high performance and prevents pollination. Thanks to the auxiliary materials, you can obtain perfect PVC flooring that you will use for many years with pleasure.

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