Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Wall panelsare one of the most preferred walls covering products because they are both aesthetic and functional. Architects often prefer wall covering products because they are both economical and easy to install. It will be difficult for you to give up on these products, which also support heat and sound insulation.

Fiber Panel Features

  • Decorativefiber wall panels; It is produced from polyester, fiberglass, mastic, natural stone powder and special chemicals that increase strength.
  • One of the biggest advantages of fiber wall panels is that they look like 100% natural products.
  • You can feel the natural texture you touch the surface of the products. In addition, spillage does not occur on the surface.
  • It is not affected by water and humidity.
  • It can also be used on the exterior, as the possibility of expansion is low.
  • Fiber panelshave colors in natural texture, but if you want, you can paint the surface with water-based paints.
  • You can wipe or wash surfaces. It doesn't require extra care.
  • It doesn't contain carcinogenic substances, it is healthy.
  • It is mounted with screws and can be disassembled when desired. It does not damage the walls during application.

PVC Panel Features

  • The İnstallation is quite simple, you don't need professional support.
  • It is environmentally friendly and doesn't contain carcinogenic substances.
  • PVC wall panelsare economical.
  • PVC panelsare resistant to water and humidity.
  • The surface is resistant to scratches.
  • Resistant to sun rays
  • It doesn't cause construction pollution during installation.
  • It has models to suitable for every decoration style.
  • PVC panel usage areas; It covers many areas such as home, office, school, restaurant, cafe, hospital, hotel.

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