Wallpaperis a covering material that serves as a savior in decoration.Wallpapersoffer different colors and textures with practical installation. All of theaesthetic wallpaperis usually sold in rolls. With the developing technology, you can now find wallpapers in countless patterns. Choosing the wallpapers in harmony with the general decoration of the house will provide you with pleasant environments.

Wallpapers Features

  • It is quite economical compared to many wall covering products.
  • The installation period usually takes only 1 day.
  • With the right installation and correct use, you can extend the service life up to 10 years.
  • Before installation the wallpaper, make sure that the applied surface is clean.
  • It is easily cut because of it is sold in rolls.
  • It is very easy to care with its erasable models.
  • Colors don't fade with light-resistant models.
  • There are models suitable for every decoration style. For example, you can choose our flower-patterned products on our site for provence style decoration, while you can examine our stone-like or wood-like models for retro style.
  • They don't contain carcinogenic substances and don't cause bad odor.
  • For small rooms, you can choose plain colors, thanks to they can look more spacious.
  • You can choose 3Dwallpaper covering designsfor the back of the TV unit or the walls you want to customize.

Wallpapers Usage Areas

Wallpapers that are frequently preferred indoors; It can be used in many areas such as hall, hallway, living room, children's room, kitchen, restaurant, cafe, office and so on.

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