Bluestone Sandblasted Brushed French Pattern Set Marble Tile (128 sqft per pallet)

If you are looking to give your home a dignified, old-world look, our Bluestone French Pattern Set Marble Tile is the right choice for you. With blue and gray tones of marble stone that comes from the best quarries in Turkey, provide the rustic look that you want to applicate any project or your home.

Bluestone Sandblasted Brushed French Pattern Set Marble Tile offers;

  • This tile is made from marble.
  • We only select premium-grade travertine tiles and never use anything with a lower grade or physical defect.
  • Antique French Pattern Set contains 1 pcs-16”x24” 2 pcs-16”x16” 1 pcs-8”x16″ 2 pcs-8”x8″ (Metric size is 1 pcs-40.6cmx61cm, 2 pcs-40.6cmx40.6cm, 1 pcs-20.3cmx40.6cm, 2 pcs-20.3cmx20.3cm) Total of 8 sqft per box.
  • The surface finish is brushed.
  • This tile is slightly rounded as an edge type.
  • The surface of the marble is treated with wire brushes to produce a flat, matte surface. These anti-slip tiles are ideal for preventing accidents in areasthat are prone to being slippery. It will add a wonderful look to your terrace or balcony while provides to accident protection and elegance in your home.
  • Random shade variation gives each tile a unique appearance.
  • It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Thickness is 1/2" (1.2cm)