Luna Sky Marble 2" Hexagon Mixed Finish on 12" x 12" Mesh Mosaic Tile (10 sqft per box)

Luna Sky Marble 2" Hexagon Marble Mosaics have a soft combination of grey and white color. This mosaic tile has a marble base and a honed, sand-blasted finish.

This marble veneer is the perfect choice for any construction project. It will add a sophisticated appearance to accent walls, furniture, backsplashes, DIY decor, etc. All mosaic stones are fixed with a 12x12 mesh to provide a continuous appearance.

Luna Sky Marble 2" HexagonMarble Mosaics offers;

  • This tile is made from marble.
  • There are 10 meshes per box.
  • We only select and use premium-grade marble tiles and never use anything with a lower grade or physical defect.
  • Mesh size is 12"x12" (Metric size is 30.5cmx30.5cm)
  • Thickness is 3/8" (Metric size is 1cm)
  • The surface finish is honed and sand-blasted mix.
  • Please inspect all tiles before installation. As natural stone products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in color, shade, finish, etc., we recommend our customers blend tiles from different boxes when installing.