Vogue Gray Marble 9" Shower Corner Shelf Semi Polished

Natural stone bathroom cornerstones can be used to provide extra storage space in bathrooms. Natural stone cornerstones can be used easily in bathrooms, thanks to their resistance to rust. Because of its semi-polished surface, it has a matte and smooth surface. It has a durable structure and a long service life so preserves its appearance on the first day.

Vogue Gray Marble 9" Shower Corner Shelf Semi Polished offers;

  • This product is handcrafted and has a non-porous structure.
  • Product size is (W)9" (L)9" (H)1/2" (Metric size is width 23cm, length 23cm, height 1.2cm)
  • It is made of first quality natural marble.
  • This bathroom corner is stain-proof and has long-lasting use.

Additional Details:

  • Do not use harsh cleaning products.
  • Do not use products that contain lemon, vinegar, or other acids.
  • Periodic resealing is recommended for natural stones.
  • Handcrafted work of art will have a unique finish and may not look exactly as shown. The actual color may vary slightly from piece to piece.